The experimental P2PNS implementation consists of two parts: A modified OpenSER SIP proxy and the overlay framework OverSim. The SIP proxy connects to the OverSim P2PNS service via an XML-RPC interface.

The implementation is still in an early stage and several security mechanisms described in the P2PNS paper are not implemented yet. This page shows the current implementation status:

Implemented Features;

  • Various KBR protocols: Chord, Koorde, Pastry, Bamboo, Kademlia, Broose.
  • Different routing modes: semi-recursive, full-recursive, source-routing-recursive, iterative, exhaustive-iterative
  • Several security enhancements for iterative routing: disjoint paths, parallel RPCs and a sibling table
  • DHT layer with replication and majority decision
  • Optional two-stage name resolution (ID/Loc-split architecture)
  • XML-RPC interface to applications

Work in progress:

  • Zeroconf Boostrapping
  • Merging of overlay partitions
  • Caching layer
  • DHT security enhancements

Not implemented yet:

  • NodeID certificates
  • Message signatures
  • Caching layer
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